People On Sunday 2010

Joint SUMMER SCHOOL of the UCLA Film School and the ifs internationale filmschule köln

The Films and Life of Billy Wilder I

Prof. Jan-Christopher Horak and Prof. Gundolf S. Freyermuth: Screening and Close Analysis of  “A Foreign Affair” (1948), Colloquium June 23, 2 pm – 4 pm.

In the afternoon, we screened Bill Wilder’s A FOREIGN AFFAIR (1948), a film that takes place in Berlin after World War II, starring Marlene Dietrich, which features many locations shot in Berlin in ruins. In our discussion we talked about the way Wilder, then a successful Hollywood director, plays with both German and American stereotypes about the other country.

Filming a City

Prof. Lisa Gotto: Lecture, June 23, 11:45 am – 1 pm.

Every city is constructed, conventionally created by us. It does not exist as a clear cut container, rather it is the product of a way of putting things together. Look at a door, a building, a facade or a road sign; listen to steps, a shout or a car engine: these random sensory impressions are the things of the city. Thus, if we think of the city, we imagine space as directly lived through its associated images and symbols. But what does it mean for the camera to enter this kind of space? When the camera lays its eye on the city, it is preoccupied with the visions and the cultural dynamics of signs, objects and their signification in urban areas. And even more than that: The camera overlays physical space. It does not only make symbolic use of its objects, it is also able to detect what has been previously unseen.

Film does not just circulate images and sounds – it constitutes new subjects and subjectivities. It does not only show things or bring them to optical consciousness, but it opens up hitherto unperceived modes of sensory perception and experience. And by doing so, film becomes able to suggest a different organization of the daily world.

The lecture suggests that we should not think of the city as some kind of pre-existing core which comes to be rendered on screen. Rather, we should be aware of the complexity of urban-filmic interdependencies. This kind of complexity is everything from an actual location to an imaginary part of cultural memory. It is everything from cinematography to cartography. Since symbolic systems of signification direct our experiences and understanding of reality, cinema provides the map for exploring the city – a map which is so detailed that it covers the territory it represents.

Robert Siodmak and Film Noir

Prof. Jan-Christopher Horak: Seminar, June 23, 10 am – 11:45 am.

Wednesday’s lectures started with my presentation on American film noir and the role of German émigré directors, like Fritz Lang, Robert Siodmak, and Edgar G. Ulmer in creating that genre. In fact, we can see a direct connection between the crime films of the German Expressionist cinema and the American private eye movie in the work of these directors that goes beyond high contrast lighting and oblique camera angles to an atmosphere of dark fatalism and despair.

Short Description

The joint Summer School of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and the ifs internationale filmschule köln brings together young American and German filmmakers - directors, producers, cinematographers. In mixed German-American teams they are shooting several shorts about city life in Cologne.


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    From the UCLA:
    Lucas Mireless, 2nd Year Director
    Iliana Sosa, Director
    Jeanne Tyson, 3rd Year Director of Photography
    Leigh Underwood, 2nd Year Director of Photography
    Ryan Slattery, Producer

    From the ifs:
    Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye, Director
    Johannes F. Sievert, Director
    Christopher Becker, Producer

    From the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts:
    Nina Frey, Director of Photography
    Jens Nolte, Director of Photography

    'Making Of' of the Project:
    Paul Pieck
    Nicole Schmeier


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