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Joint SUMMER SCHOOL of the UCLA Film School and the ifs internationale filmschule köln

That’s a Wrap!

by Ryan Slattery

After almost six weeks of incredible collaboration between ifs and UCLA, principal photography has wrapped.

All of the teams worked against the clock and overcame obstacles to finish their shoots. Most of the participants even worked as crew on the other projects, helping their colleagues by giving their time and talent.

The first team to shoot was director Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye (ifs) and cinematographer Leigh Underwood (UCLA). Their first day found them documenting a large public viewing of Germany playing in the World Cup. An incredible love story took shape in the days to follow, and Nancy is hard at work editing her rough cut.

The next team was director Iliana Sosa (UCLA) and Nina Frey (ifs). They found themselves in front of Köln’s most famous landmark, the Kölner Dom, and captured beautiful views of the city from the Kölner Seilbahn, the cableway over the Rhine River, as they told a story about the highs and lows of relationships. Their editor is Carina Mergens.

The next team was director Frieder Sievert (ifs) and cinematographer Jeanne Tyson (UCLA). They filmed at locations all over Köln to tell the story of an artist in the city, played by John Mobilio, an actual artist from New York, now living in Hamburg. Some of their locations included Cap Cologne, a vibrant artist’s colony in the heart of Nippes, and Eigelstein, the famous wall of the city still standing from the middle ages. Preparing their rough cut is editor Patricia Testor.

The final team to shoot was director Lucas Mireles (UCLA) and cinematographer Jens Nolte (ifs). They worked together to tell a story in three parts, which was at times funny, at times steamy, and at times touching. Their locations included a rainy Rhine Riverbank, an eclectic industrial complex, and a 200-year-old cemetery, the Melaten Friedhof. Lucas and Jens were the only team to work with children, all non-actors who had never appeared in front of a camera before. Lucas is working with editor Daniel Rakete Siegel on his rough cut.

All four projects were produced by Christopher Becker (ifs) and Ryan Slattery (UCLA), and assisted by Roshanak Khodabakhsh (ifs). Paul Pieck (ifs) documented the projects.

A preliminary rough cut of the film will be screened on 29 July, followed by several months of post-production. The aim is to have post done by November and premiere the film in early Spring 2011. Thank you to everyone who made these past many weeks possible, especially the collaborators who each brought their unique vision and special talent to the project.

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    From the UCLA:
    Lucas Mireless, 2nd Year Director
    Iliana Sosa, Director
    Jeanne Tyson, 3rd Year Director of Photography
    Leigh Underwood, 2nd Year Director of Photography
    Ryan Slattery, Producer

    From the ifs:
    Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye, Director
    Johannes F. Sievert, Director
    Christopher Becker, Producer

    From the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts:
    Nina Frey, Director of Photography
    Jens Nolte, Director of Photography

    'Making Of' of the Project:
    Paul Pieck
    Nicole Schmeier


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