People On Sunday 2010

Joint SUMMER SCHOOL of the UCLA Film School and the ifs internationale filmschule köln

Nancy and Leigh-3rd Shooting Day at Blücher Park/Kranhaus

Nancy and Leigh-2nd Shooting Day at Hohenzollern Bridge

Nancy and Leigh-First Shooting Day at Lanxess Arena

Jens & Lucas…..Lucas & Jens….either way you write it, it ends in “s”

So, the official announcement of teams has been made and the formation of our creative collaboration for People On Sunday 2010 is:

Jens Nolte (left, in purple shirt) and Lucas Mireles (the other guy)

Hopefully we don’t punch each other in the face to many times as we go through this process. Wait for the updates and see.

– Lucas

Some Assembly Required

World Cup Final

So happy that we have found some great “non-actors” named Sabrina, Luke and Jeremy. They are all very interesting personalities and ought to bring a lot of their own lifes into our soccer-romance…

After a motivating story analylsis with our professors, cinematographer Leigh Underwood and me have shot some images during the World Cup Game “Germany vs. Spain”… Unfortunately Germany lost. :/

BUT as our part of the movie will be a mixture of reality and fiction Germany still might win the World Cup! Yeah!


Location Scouting – Part 3

Prepare to Contrast

Since watching ‘People On Sunday’, we all have been tirelessly working to mend and mold our own perfect stories for this wonderful collaboration. Some of my own tireless work has been done just thinking about how certain stories can ‘hand-off’ the narrative to a completely new story. How a seamless transition of protagonists and plot can be done without an instantaneous eruption of hatred brought about by the audience’s disbelief in your ability to tell a story.

Its a gamble, yeah, but its also an experiment. So how can it work?

“This is tricky.” I thought…To tell 3 stories within a 20 minute time frame that all interconnect…hmmm……why would I want to embark on this subjectively perceived tragedy-in-the-making?…..well, because its hard to do that’s why.

One of the films I saw in my undergraduate education really changed the way I see and feel about stories that can connect and flow. And that film is Richard Linklater’s “Slacker”

Richard Linklater's "Slacker" (1991

Watch the Trailer here.

THIS is what I want to do….not retell ‘People On Sunday’ nor reproduce a German version of ‘Slacker’.  I want to make a narrative that allows us to navigate through different stories, feel for each character by recognizing a little bit of ourselves in them and try like hell not to be boring.

That’s a pretty tall order.

When I pitched this to my amazing German collaborator and cinematographer Jens Nolte over some Kolsch, he took a drag from his hand rolled cigarette, looked me straight in the eye and said “You know why I like your story?….Its simple and beautiful.”

Thanks Jens.  Every director needs some love sometimes.

Now we just have to figure out how to fucking make it work.

– We’ll keep you updated,


Location Scouting – Part 2

Musing on Assimilation into a Foreign Culture

Prof. Becky Smith: Excerpt from Carolyn Kellog’s review of “Becoming Americans: Four Centuries of Immigrant Writing”, Los Angeles Times, July 5th, 2010

“…the dilemma of assimilation is never completely resolved. Each partial resolution is an invention, the result of a fresh confrontation with an environment whose coordinates and ground rules are always subtly shifting. In immigrant literature there is never simple acceptance but rather a constant questioning, a weighing of contradictory and compelling appeals, a never-ending examination of what really comprises a national identity.”

Location Scouting – Part 1

Short Description

The joint Summer School of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and the ifs internationale filmschule köln brings together young American and German filmmakers - directors, producers, cinematographers. In mixed German-American teams they are shooting several shorts about city life in Cologne.


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    From the UCLA:
    Lucas Mireless, 2nd Year Director
    Iliana Sosa, Director
    Jeanne Tyson, 3rd Year Director of Photography
    Leigh Underwood, 2nd Year Director of Photography
    Ryan Slattery, Producer

    From the ifs:
    Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye, Director
    Johannes F. Sievert, Director
    Christopher Becker, Producer

    From the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts:
    Nina Frey, Director of Photography
    Jens Nolte, Director of Photography

    'Making Of' of the Project:
    Paul Pieck
    Nicole Schmeier


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